Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Looking for a good nail salon?

Hello, I thought I would give you some tips to look for in a nail salon:
The salon should have good ventilation (if your manicurist has a face mask on, ask her for one, You might look silly but at least your not inhaling those dangerous fumes).
I would visit a spa, the services are a Little pricier but I think its well worth it. Most of the spas aren't using acrylic anymore, they use Gel and Fiberglass which are very low odor, and I think have a more natural look.
Look at your manicurist table, does she have her implements (nail clipper,cuticle pusher etc.) in a sanitizing agent, usually in a glass jar?
If you happen to get there early, did your manicurist sanitize and change towels before she seats you?
Your manicurist should sanitize her hands and yours before she starts the manicure.
I would recommend purchasing a nail file (100/240grit) or emery board, buffer and nail brush to bring with you to the salon. This will avoid contamination from other people using the same things over and over.
I can't think of anything else off hand, thanks so much for reading!